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New Automated Garbage Collection

On Monday evening, June 5, 2017 the Caledonia Village board unanimously approved new garbage carts for Village residents. Since the new Recycle carts were delivered in the spring of 2016, residents have been requesting a second cart for garbage.

Delivery of the new garbage carts is yet to be determined. Johns is hopeful to begin delivering the carts in the fall of 2017.

Some aspects of service will change with the new carts for garbage. Residents will be required to contain all trash inside the new cart. Each resident will receive four (4) free "special pickups" per year for large items that will not fit inside their cart. Residents will be required to call Johns Disposal to schedule special pickups.

Johns updated their original proposal at the request of the Caledonia Public Works Committee. As indicated in the Journal Times Article on April 10, 2017 the original proposal added additional cost to residents, and only provided (2) "special pickups." Johns updated proposal increased the special pickups to four (4) per year and held the current rate in exchange for two more years added to the contract. Rates will remain fixed through 2018. Johns may request a CPI increase beginning in 2019.

Similar to the delivery of the recycle carts, Johns will work with residents who have special requests. Specific examples include residents with long driveways, elderly residents, as well as residents requesting a small size cart. The overall implementation of the recycle carts went very well. We anticipate a similar experience with the delivery of the garbage carts.

Overall, Johns presented four main reasons for the switch to the garbage carts:

1. Most residents will like the new garbage carts better than the current program. We have found that many residents have already purchased large roller carts for garbage collection.

2. The Village will see an increase in recycling. A 95 gallon cart for garbage and a second 95 gallon cart for recycling is sufficient for nearly all residents in the Village. With better attention to recycling most residents will "make it fit."

3. Caledonia will look better on garbage day. No more bright colored trash cans and loose bags at the street on garbage day.

4. Safety: we're seeing more and more distracted driving. Drivers will no longer be in the rear of the truck manually loading the garbage.

Should you have any questions, call toll free 1-888-473-4701, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. & Saturday 8:00 a.m. – Noon, or email:

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