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SDC - State Debt Collection

2009 Wisconsin Act 28 authorizes the State Debt Collection (SDC) program allowing state agencies to partner with the Department of Revenue (DOR) in collection of debt to enhance current collections operations.


Pay online:

  • Go to

Pay check by mail: 

  • Make check payable to WI Department of Revenue
  • Write your tax account number in the memo portion of the check (print clearly)
  • Mail payment to WI Department of Revenue, PO Box 930208, Milwaukee, WI 53293-0208.

What happens if I can't pay?
Request a payment plan by phone, email, mail or online:

  • 608-266-7879
  • Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    PO Box 8901, Madison, WI 53708
  • and select "Request a Payment Plan"

Once your debt is referred to the Department of Revenue for collection, the Village of Caledonia can no longer accept payments on your forefeiture. (PLEASE NOTE: if you are also suspended on your citations in addition to your SDC debt, your license will not be released until your debt is satisfied in full. The Village receives and applies SDC payments once a month. If you are suspended and the debt is paid in full to the DOR, you will need to supply the court with your paid receipt to release your suspension prior to receiving your payment.)

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